Mark Lewis: The Turnkey for a CEO’s Success

Mark Lewis is an award-winning leadership expert, founder of Communique and Evolve Media AI, author of the CEO Facilitator Playbook and the Amazon bestselling book, Give a Damn—The Ticket to Cultural Change. He offers busy leadership coaches a turnkey and straightforward solution in the form of a CEO Roundtable course without turning their lifestyle upside-down. The CEO Roundtable course connects many CEOs with their peers, addresses their problems, and creates a community that helps them succeed at all levels.

Mark, When did you realize the #1 thing CEOs miss in their leadership?

From IBM to being a successful entrepreneur and then a nonprofit executive, it took me over 25 years to learn the many lessons that CEOs need to be successful. They all work together to determine your ultimate level of success, such as goal setting, implementing effective strategies, creating a culture that people want to be part of, and many more. Yet I learned a simple lesson over time: what most CEOs fail to realize, and it is the secret to their success. Frankly, I did not know that until I started implementing CEO round tables for small and medium-sized businesses several years ago. It opened my eyes and made me realize it was the driver that leads to a thriving business.

Divya Parekh

Divya Parekh is a Best-Selling Author, host of Beyond Confidence Radio, and contributor to several publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, CEO World Magazine, Addicted to Success, International Coaching News. She covers cover self-mastery, entrepreneurship, leadership, storytelling, and branding in Business, Leadership, Health, and Personal Development.