Kim Neeson, Coach, Consultant, Award-winning Entrepreneur, and Leadership Executive, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Listen to the Business Innovators Radio Network interview to learn the “secret sauce” to being a successful female entrepreneur. As an award-winning entrepreneur/ businesswoman and certified executive leadership coach, Kim helps her clients define their why for the next chapter of their life.

Kim explained her perspective on “re-wirement” vs. retirement and women entrepreneurs’ most significant challenges today in the interview.

Neeson commented that “As a woman, you’ve probably worked harder and longer than many of your counterparts and brought it home with you both physically and mentally. You can have a career that you love and a rich, fulfilling personal life.”

Neeson continued,I understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes. My decades of work and life experience allow me to present options other coaches can’t offer. I call it my mentorship model. It’s a hybrid style of coaching that allows me to not only show up as your coach but also step into a consultant and mentor role when required. With the mentorship model, you get the benefit of guidance from a person who’s been in a similar situation and has years of expertise in helping people create their best life.”


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