Experts Warn Social Media Stress from Political Debating Can Damage Health, Relationships and Personal Success

Experts Warn Social Media Stress from Political Debating Can Damage Health, Relationships and Personal Success
A recent Pew Research Center survey found that political debate and discussion is a regular fact of life for many social media users. However, more than one-third of social media users described themselves as “worn out” by the political content they encounter, and more than 50% of them describe their online political discussions as “stressful and frustrating.”

And when those online political discussions boil over – whether it concerns the Trump presidency, borders and immigration, Russian hacking or North Korean nuclear disarmament – experts say the cumulative weight of those negative emotions creates a ripple effect that affects a person’s health, career, relationships, and personal success.

“Your thoughts and emotions literally create outcomes – for better or worse,” says Allyson Chavez, a bestselling author and international speaker who teaches mindset strategies for overcoming obstacles and creating business breakthroughs.

“We live in a society that’s addicted to fear, fighting, and anger,” Chavez says. “The world has developed attitudes of entitlement and victimhood. Those tendencies are recipes for disaster and cannot bring you the solution you’re wanting, no matter what the issue is.”

The best advice, according to Chavez, is for people to learn how to pull away from negativity and focus on the positive outcomes they desire.

“The greatest advantage is the feeling of relief, peace, and calm that comes over you when you pull away from a negatively-charged situation,” Chavez explains. “This clears your mind and allows for thinking that is aligned with what you want, rather than what currently is. You’ll think more clearly and respond in productive, solution-oriented ways.”

According to Chavez, by picturing the outcome they desire instead of the circumstance that currently “is,” people will find their fear and anger dissipating, and workable ideas – accompanied by hope and peace – will take their place.

Chavez offers simple techniques for getting people to take their thoughts in a more positive direction, incorporating elements of visualization, emotion, and getting the conscious and subconscious minds to agree. “Awareness is key,” Chavez says. “If you find yourself swimming in chaos, anger, fear, doubt or confusion, I teach people how to turn that around in thirty seconds or less.”

“Allyson Chavez is an amazing coach and mentor,” says Jill MacDonald, a client who came to Chavez after reading hundreds of self-help books and working with other mentors – but still could not find what was missing in her life. “In less than six months working with Allyson, I have seen an increase in my business of almost double. I am on schedule to have my best financial month ever!”

That kind of scenario is very familiar to Chavez. “Most people create their lives by default and allow their thoughts and emotions to run rampant, without any kind of mental discipline,” she says. “I help people become aware of where their thoughts and emotions are leading them and help them steer those thoughts to the end result they actually want. It always helps you feel better in the moment, plus, it opens doors that previously were closed, so you can get where you want to go.”

Allyson Chavez is an international speaker on the topics of mindset, prosperity, and how to create success without struggle. She is the bestselling author of The Prosperity Approach, an energy practitioner, and a sales and communications trainer. Allyson teaches live events, webinars and online prosperity courses to entrepreneurs and executives.

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