FaithyJ Jefferies Helps Young Entrepreneurs Build Their Dream Business

Tracy: Today we’re sitting down with a very special young lady. Faithy J Jefferies is the 16 year old CEO of TeenTrep.Co. She’s here to talk a bit about her book, Never Too Young to Start and how even very young entrepreneurs can start now to build a business. Welcome Faithy J and thank you for being here today.

To begin, can you “set the stage” for us and tell us how you became a young entrepreneur?

FaithyJ: Certainly. I began acting at the age of four. I booked two national commercials and a film role on my first few auditions. This actually allowed me to be asked to join the prestigious Screen Actors Guild (SAG) by the time I was five years old. I caught the bug of entrepreneurship and entertainment the moment I stepped into a dance studio for the first time, saw hundreds of trophies on the wall and heard awesome, upbeat music playing. The feeling was so surreal!

Tracy: That’s really incredible. Now you’re helping other young people become entrepreneurs. Tell us about Teen Trep and what it does.

FaithyJ: We work with teens and young adults who know they want to start something whether it be a startup or micro business- but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. We’ve found that many are trying to “go it alone” so the process is taking them longer than it should. Our company literally gives them all of the tools, mentors and instruction they will need to become masterful rather than information overload.
We also give our members and potential clients the number one thing that boosts their confidence -Family. They are welcomed into the TeenTrep Family with open arms despite their current stage or phase!

Tracy: What do you hear most often from young people who want to start a business?

FaithyJ: We most often hear something like, “Does my voice as a teen really matter or will I continue to be treated as if I have nothing to contribute to society?”

Tracy: You help a lot of people, do you feel like you’ve been helped or have grown in the process?

FaithyJ: The fantastic team at Teen Trep is ultimately what gives me confidence that I can help a client. They have truly brought out things in me and the entire program that I didn’t know existed. My parents have also been a major influence in discovering my magic within.

Tracy: And what would you say would be the greatest benefit Teen Trep provides?

FaithyJ: The true epitome of a leader & entrepreneur is their ability to work as a team. Working with the team at Teen Trep and I will be a solid eye opener and a lifelong benefit to anyone that is up for challenging themselves.

Tracy: I know you’re a big supporter of having balance in one’s life. What do you do, outside of Teen Trep, to refuel and keep your energy flowing?

FaithyJ: I love dancing, singing and writing music, choreography, training and fighting in MMA, cheerleading, acting and spending time with my family and friends.

Tracy: How can someone get started with Teen Trep?

FaithyJ: All they have to do is Join TeenTrep.Co, purchase my book and we’ll take it from there! Right now we’re offering the first 1000 buyers of my new book, “It’s Never Too Early To Start“, the opportunity to receive a certificate and be prestigiously named a “Founding Member” of my company TeenTrep.Co.

Tracy: Awesome, we’ll put your website and contact info at the end of this interview. I want to thank you for taking the time to be here today and sharing this information with us.

For more information about or to contact FaithyJ Jefferies, please go to or email

You can also connect with FaithyJ on social media at:
Twitter: @faithyj143

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