Founder and CEO of Engarde Financial Group Tayon Mitchell Hits Four Amazon Best Seller Lists

Founder and CEO of Engarde Financial Group Tayon Mitchell’s recent release, “Spend Differently: The Secret Way to Wealth in the New Economy” hit’s best seller list on April 19, 2022, climbing all the way to Number One in the Education Finance, Life Insurance, Credit Ratings and Repair, and Retailing Industry categories. The book also reached Number Two in the Financial Services Industry and top ten in the Insurance, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Personal Money Management, and Investing Basics categories.

In “Spend Differently,” Mitchell shares that most Americans are either using debt to pay for their expenses or saving what they can and then draining their savings to pay for major expenses (car, home, vacations, etc.). To break this cycle, Mitchell explains a better way to spend differently and achieve a different result.

“Spend Differently” is not a personal finance book that talks about saving money and investing in the stock market. Instead, the primary focus is spending, but not in the traditional sense. Rather than focusing on what money should be spent on, there is a different way to spend money, training spending dollars to behave like investment dollars.


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