Founder of The Addictions Academy Dr. Cali Estes Announces Recovery Coaching and Addictions Counselor Continuing Education Units Now Available in Canada Exclusively Through Their Training

Founder of The Addictions Academy Dr. Cali Estes Announces Recovery Coaching and Addictions Counselor Continuing Education Units Now Available in Canada Exclusively Through Their Training
President of Recovery Coaches International and Founder of The Addictions Academy Dr. Cali Estes has revealed that their programs and training now qualify to meet Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for Certified Addictions Recovery Coaching as set forth by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation. This training and CEU offering through The Addictions Academy will currently be the only such program available in Canada.

The Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) promotes, certifies and monitors the competency of addiction specific counselors in Canada using current and effective practices, which are internationally recognized. The certifications CACCF issues and its professional conduct review process provide public protection for counselors, employers, regulatory agencies, clients and their families.

“We are pretty excited to be able to offer this important CEU opportunity to Canadians,” Dr. Estes remarked. “Addiction definitely knows no borders, and Recovery Coaching is a model that can have a positive impact on those negatively affected by substance use disorder.”

Estes continued, “Keeping Coaches and Counselors well-trained and up-to-date on the latest strategies is a high priority for us. The CACCF sets the bar high and we will continue to strive to meet their standards.”

With addiction issues and drug overdoses dominating the headlines daily, demand for treatment options and professionally trained Recovery Coaches are at an all-time high.

“Our goals are to provide the tools, encouragement, and structure to help clients find recovery success,” said Mr. Andre Viel, President of The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre who will be implementing The Addictions Academy CEU courses in Canada.

The “addiction epidemic” is real and The New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre’s holistic techniques and focus on Recovery Coaching are recognized as innovative and effective. The strategies have been applauded throughout the behavioral health industry and beyond.

“2017 was the worst year ever for drug overdose deaths in America,” reported Vox Magazine recently. Nearly 200 people a day died of drug overdoses in the United States alone in 2017. And the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) recently quoted the Canadian Mental Health Association who said, “Addressing addiction is a community issue.”

CMHA’s CEO Marion Quigley declared, “We need to have plans, bigger plans — whether that’s a supervised injection site or it’s other housing services so people can use in the privacy of their own homes or it could be addiction programs to help people stop.”

Bringing The Addiction Academy’s courses to Canadians, either through online training or programs at their New Brunswick campus, Mr. Viel and Dr. Estes are making a concerted effort to help those afflicted with addiction and their families.

“We are striving to be one of the programs that can help those suffering from substance use disorder and other mental health issues find the path they need to do just that, heal and stop,” said Mr. Viel.

Structured, professional help from trained and certified coaches can often be the difference between life and death for someone new to recovery. A Recovery Coach is a person that works with and supports individuals immersed in an addiction, and coaches people in recovery from the abuse of alcohol and drugs, gambling, eating disorders or other addictive behaviors.

When asked why coaching could be a game-changer for someone in recovery, Dr. Estes asserted, “Private recovery coaching for an addiction is extremely different from your typical drug rehab or therapy sessions. Coaching focuses on forward, positive motion and does not dwell on past issues and traumas, whereas therapy and counseling go back into your past to confront past issues that have not been handled.”

The Addictions Academy has been offering a wide-ranging assortment of advanced training for years in an on-going effort to counteract the growing addiction problem. The Academy has more than 30 faculty teaching over 40 courses in five different languages. Program graduates can be found in 23 countries helping address the addiction problem worldwide.

“Recovery coaching professionals, good ones, are able to delve into the current and existing issues that are holding someone back in life and help them move forward, addiction free. This is about creating the perfect and customized blend of guidance, information, accountability, and oversight,” Estes concluded.

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