From Depressed Mess to Motivational Speaker: Kelly Walker Uncovers the Myth and Science Behind the Law of Attraction

From Depressed Mess to Motivational Speaker: Kelly Walker Uncovers the Myth and Science Behind the Law of Attraction
Yet for many years, Walker was a self-described “depressed mess.”

“I had just been fired from my job, and so I was reveling in my do-nothing life and feeling sorry for myself,” Walker says. “I got this email from a person I didn’t know very well, offering me a free ticket to a three-day life-changing seminar. And I thought, wow, I could use some life changing!”

That seminar turned out to be the catalyst Walker needed to turn her life around. “I just grabbed onto that beam of light and in the next few months I was a completely different person.”

Today, Kelly Walker is a motivational speaker, coach, and author of the upcoming book, “From Checked Out to Changing Lives: How I Went from a Depressed Mess to a Motivational Speaker in Less Than a Year, and So Can You!”

While helping others turn their lives around, Walker discovered that some of the popular wisdom surrounding “The Law of Attraction” was not working.

“Many have seen or read The Secret and then tried to manifest something, but to no avail,” Walker explains. “They tried to use The Law of Attraction for days or even weeks, but they didn’t manifest the thing they wanted. Then, inevitably, they decided The Law of Attraction was a load of hooey and completely gave up on it!”

Walker eventually learned how to apply a more down-to-earth, practical wisdom that worked for her. “Whatever you focus on, grows. Whatever you believe you can or cannot do, you’re right. Your attitude determines your altitude!” Walker says. “The Law of Attraction is real, and we all use it every day of our lives, though most of us have no idea we’re doing it. Your subconscious mind creates beliefs that determine exactly what you get in life. It’s not magic, it’s science!”

Walker uses her own inspirational example and a combination of tools to help her clients create transformations. One of her favorite magic wands is helping people create a powerful, personal manifesto that transforms their minds from the subconscious out. She also hosts weekly manifesting classes, monthly manifesting meetups, and yearly manifesting cruises, teaching people how to create the life they desire.

“Kelly has ignited a spark in me to apply her tools and become a more active creator in my own life,” according to Crystal, one of Walker’s coaching clients. “As I watch Kelly she is an excellent mentor that is patient, compassionate and a selfless servant, yet she is tough in her intention, accountability and wanting the best for me.”

“Manifesting is easy once you understand the science behind it and use it properly. You can have everything you want,” Walker says. “I want everyone to know that they are special and that they have incredible value. They just need to find it, see it, believe it, and share it. Life is too short to settle for less!”

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