German Author Shanaya Summer Hits Multiple #1 Amazon Best Seller Lists In USA with “Sonya – The Elven Princess”

Author Shanaya Summer‘s recent release, Sonya: The Elven Princess – The Revelation hit’s best seller list on January 30th, 2022, climbing all the way to Number one in the Teen & Young Adult categories for Friendships and Body, Mind & Spirit. The book also featured as a hot new release in multiple categories including Social Issues, Personal Health, Folklore & Mythology, Inspiration & Personal Growth, Fantasy & Supernatural, Myths & Legends, Mythical Creatures, Family, Parents, Siblings, Girls & Women, Self Esteem, and Emotions & Feelings.

The broad reach of Sonya: The Elven Princess has made author Shanaya Summer very happy, exclaiming, “It means everything to me to have become a bestselling author. I can hardly put into words the joy of it. The inspiration has always been my children Sonja and Selina, both of whom have their part in the book.”

Sonya is a riveting book that escalates when Sonya is pushed through the mirror into the secret world of elves. Sonya has to face many dangers and realize that she has skills that she would never have dared to dream of. Sonya encounters dark shadow forces that stand in her way and seek her life as she tries to free her sister from the clutches of the evil wizard.


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