Glenda Boone; author, marketer and brand consultant shares how to use technology to generate more business income in “Exceed the Bar”

Glenda Boone; author, marketer and brand consultant shares how to use technology to generate more business income in “Exceed the Bar”
With over 30 years of experience in traditional marketing, the successful business owner of “Visual Arts Marketing Corporation DBA O’ Taste and See Marketing and Productions,” a strategic planning and marketing firm that works with several business owners, pastors and artists throughout the nation. The accomplished author who has a rich background in digital marketing and brand management consulting helps her clients to strategize, develop, manage and monetize their brands so as to increase business proceeds, decrease costs and grow their niche by expanding their customer base.

A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners have spent a fortune on trainings, seminars and master classes, with the aim of using the acquired knowledge to grow their businesses but unfortunately, very few of these workshops actually enlighten them on the challenges they are going to face in the business world and how to overcome them. This new book Exceed the Bar is designed to fill that gap in training and knowledge. The book will feature conversations with professionals that have achieved success, providing some insight on how they beat the odds. It offers readers valuable and realistic business suggestions on how to; manage a business including career transitions and challenges, balance business and personal life, overcome start-up business defies and legal factors you should know about your business. Get true life stories, real experiences, tested ideas, tried and genuine business solutions so you too can exceed the bar.

After her bitter sweet experience and the many trials and errors she encountered while learning online marketing in the church industry, Glenda seeks to motivate entrepreneurs to use technology to build and grow their business brand so they can also attain their business goals. She is more than happy to share her story, successes and the challenges she faced in her exceeding the bar journey.

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