Global Music Artist Alex Boyé Shares His “Why” On “Discover Your Potential” In Honor Of World Teen Mental Health Awareness Day 

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“Discover Your Potential TV” connects audiences to their heart’s desire and showcases the inspirational stories of Game Changers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. Hosts Dan Gilman and Anna Devere explore the transformational moments and breakthroughs that give audiences hope and relatable takeaways. Their interview with Alex Boyé is about to raise the bar.


America’s Got Talent Alumni Alex Boyé is known for his dynamic, African-infused music that has gained over 1 billion views on YouTube. After being named 2017 Artist of The Year and the grand prize winner in a music contest sponsored by Pepsi & Hard Rock Cafe, he performed a half-time show for NFL’s Monday Night Football in Miami. Alex’s voice was featured in “Cruel Summer,” a short film by Kanye West that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. He is a uniquely versatile artist with a style that appeals to all ages, which is rare in this day and age. He has shared the stage with many notable artists, including Jay-Z, Tim McGraw, George Michael, Missy Elliott, Justin Timberlake, and The Beach Boys, and even opened for Olivia Newton-John at the world-renowned Royal Albert Hall. Anyone who watched his audition for America’s Got Talent could have predicted this stellar trajectory. Howie Mandel exclaimed, “In my six years here, this is my favorite musical act ever-it really is!”


Boyé is of Nigerian descent, was raised in London, and became an American citizen in 2012. His innovative YouTube videos keep him firmly grounded as a global phenomenon, and he proudly shares his talent as an official ambassador for many causes, including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. His “why” is personal; he speaks boldly and authentically to children and adults alike. Early last year, Alex faced some significant challenges, and when he decided to say “yes” to an invitation to speak to a full auditorium of School Superintendents, the impact was measurable. Alex is now a sought-after speaker, and his “I Am A 10” musical presentation fills students and adults with hope.  

“Discover Your Potential” host Anna Devere met Boyé last year in Las Vegas when the two performed together at a Teen Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Summit. Anna joined the Tomorrow’s Stars Choir and accompanied Alex on the song “Bend Not Break,” written by Randy Jackson.

The same message lands purposefully on the March 2, 2024, “Discover Your Potential” segment on “A Moment of Xen,” as Anna, Alex, and Xen Sams talk about mental health and overcoming obstacles on World Teen Mental Health Awareness Day. The “Bend Not Break” music video has become a timeless anthem for Youth who must learn to let go of overwhelming pressure from social media to be perfect. This topic has never been more relevant as teen suicide rates continue to rise. No one is more surprised than Alex that he would make the leap into the public speaking arena, but a deeper sense of spiritual purpose moves him these days. He has even shared with Anna some of the things on his bucket list, and the two are collaborating informally to support a common cause: empowering our Youth through the arts.  

The two continue to meet in Las Vegas, where the Tomorrow’s Stars Foundation puts Alex center stage. Last Summer brought them together for the Summer League NBA half-time show at the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas. Foundation director Carole Hattar orchestrates this seamlessly as the renowned vocal coach Billie Cole leads the super-talented youth choir and soloists to professional heights. Alex brings the same energy to a small gathering as he does to a massive arena and greets fans enthusiastically no matter where he goes. 

Listen to “A Moment of Xen” on WOR 710/iHeart Radio on Saturday, March 2nd at 9:00 PM ET, or catch the replay on and AMOX on YouTube. The extended “Discover Your Potential” interview can be found at  

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