Discover Your Potential And Rise Up Media & Marketing Join Your Home TV As They Change The Media Game At The Las Vegas Super Bowl 

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“Discover Your Potential TV” connects audiences to their heart’s desire and showcases the inspirational stories of Games Changers, Entertainers, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators. Hosts Dan Gilman and Anna Devere explore the transformational moments and breakthroughs that give audiences hope and relatable takeaways.

Today, “Discover Your Potential” can be found on “A Moment of Xen” on WOR 710, iHeart Radio, Your Home TV, and podcast platforms. Their reach is in the millions, and their guests inspire hope and practical advice for anyone needing to pivot during challenging times.

Discover Your Potential Host Dan Gilman & Anna Devere Are Changing The Game Thanks to Their First Guest, Dr. Tom Chesser

Only six months ago, Dan Gilman and Anna Devere launched their inaugural show as co-hosts, with Tom Chesser of Rise Up Media & Marketing as their first guest. The show’s theme was The Ripple Effect, and today, the dynamic duo measures the ripples of their success in exponential terms thanks to their professional relationship with Tom Chesser. This episode was posted on YouTube on June 29, 2023, and resulted in a partnership far exceeding their expectations. The team has learned to expect miracles together, and 2024 is already proving the power of combined, heart-based intentions.

“Discover Your Potential” was initially produced as a call-in radio show on WHJJ and The IDS radio network in Rhode Island by Dan’s mother, Cindy Gilman. The popular program lasted over 30 years, and Cindy’s compassion touched the lives of many and filled her office with a steady stream of clients, but her radio show inspired Dan to follow in her footsteps. When Cindy passed away nearly three years ago, Dan became the show host and remained faithful to her vision, with empathy and compassion at the center of everything. 

Dan pursued a graphic design career before taking over his mother’s show. His degree from Massachusetts College of Arts and Design and entrepreneurial backbone landed him several innovative projects and partnerships over 25 years. He founded Hummingbird Radio and produced over 20 different shows. His passion for music and the arts started in his youth and helped him overcome bullying. It also fueled his curiosity to interview motivational speakers, coaches, authors, and other creatives supporting personal development. 

Anna Devere joined Dan last June and brought her gift for storytelling to the mix. Anna was writing and hosting the radio show “Celebrate Every Day,” a daily educational vignette that featured National Days, their origins, and the “no way” factor of historical trivia. The show had millions of followers, won four Davey Awards for social impact and education, and ran for four years. When Dan and Anna met, they were struck by their similar background in holistic health.

Anna also served a global community with singing and songwriting, most notably performing in the Grammy Award-winning gospel choir The Saints Unified Voices, led by Gladys Knight. The two shared an interest in making an impact, and when they interviewed Tom Chesser, the synergy was immediately apparent.

Dan has always had a talent for connecting with iconic speakers such as Les Brown, who he worked with in 2020. His daughter Sumaya Brown was also a guest last Fall and brought a new generation of energy and inspiration to “Discover Your Potential.” With their combined connections, the show’s content grew to new heights, and the final hurdle would be greater distribution. Tom has a track record of helping companies position themselves as an authority with both media and messaging; immediately, Dan & Anna wanted to add Dr. Tom Chesser to The Discover Your Potential Family, giving them the Global Recognition they were looking for.

About Dr. Tom Chesser

In an episode of Discover Your Potential Show, Dan Gilman and Anna Devere interviewed Dr. Tom Chesser, a media and marketing consultant with 35-plus years of experience. Recently, Chesser became a two-time International Best-Selling co-author and holds the title Authority Branding and Positioning Specialist. He has a degree in Theology and an Honorary Degree in International Business. Shortly after retiring from AT&T Advertising Solutions, Chesser was awarded an Authority Branding & Positioning Agency. Additionally, Chesser is a contributing writer for Authority PressWire, Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators, TEDx Community, Buzzfeed, and Today’s Show Community. 

In addition, Chesser provides media-worthy articles to over 750 outlets, using third-party recognition and validation to help his clients be seen by their industries, potential clients, and Google as authorities in their field of expertise. Chesser participates as a host of Business Innovators Radio and his show “Rise Up Radio.”

Chesser interviews top-performing professionals who inspire, connect, impact, and transform people’s lives across the globe. Chesser can transform his clients into instant celebrities using these major media networks. Chesser’s background in sales and counseling has been a tremendous asset in creating these stories to provide the attention his clients deserve. 

Chesser is a proven super-connector. Clients rave and exclaim Chesser’s blessing towards the resources Chesser contributed as a value add to procure funding for projects and products. Chesser believes strongly in relationship equity and the power of teaching how to capitalize and monetize personal stories through coaching and mentoring, thus Chesser being known as “Mr. Authority.”

Authority Positioning & Branding have been recognized as the single biggest strategy businesses can rely on and utilize to enhance their brand and global visibility. The importance of authority positioning has been written about in books such as Duct Tape Marketing and featured in Forbes magazine and Today’s Show. Visit Business Innovators Magazine and Small Business Trendsetters Magazine to review a list of celebrities who have used authority positioning to reach their status today.

Chesser’s clients can now tap into the same power and say, “I woke up this morning, opened my computer, and saw that 375 plus media networks and outlets picked up my story in just one day. I have connected my clients with NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, regional and local industry, and financial sites worldwide. Using this type of positioning to get significant exposure is critical because you are not what you say you are; you are what other people say you are. But, more importantly, you are what Google and the media say you are, ” Tom exclaimed.

Now, “Discover Your Potential” is positioned as a major media brand with unlimited potential and is a new channel partner on the Kathy Ireland Your Home TV Network. Several of their channel partners will be covering the Big Game on NFL Media Row this week in Las Vegas, including The Kelly Williams Show, The Geary, Stein, and Stevens Show, FSPN Faith+Sports Programming Network, and Regina Smithwick. “Discover Your Potential” will cover some fantastic life-altering events, including highlights from the NFL Media Row. Dan and Anna will also sit down with Kelly Williams and ReGina Smithwick to discuss how The Kathy Ireland network is “the” platform for media Game Changers. Your Home TV is an emerging streaming network with leading influencers and family-friendly programs that attract millions of viewers with Subscription-FREE programming and a global reach. “We are thrilled with the meteoric growth of Your Home TV, the ultimate place where viewers can enjoy fascinating content on health, life, family, money management, weddings, fashion, and so much more,” said Kathy Ireland. Explore all channels and programs at

ReGina Smithwick is an acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author, and Podcast  Talk Show host of “Let’s Talk 1943.” She received a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership, and her book “Adoption: The Unknown Blessing” creates a poignant narrative for those navigating the intricate emotional landscape of adoption. Her upcoming show on Your Home TV will cover overcoming challenges, embracing change, and living authentically.  She speaks openly about faith and the power of positive media: YouTube Link:  

The Kelly WilliamsTV Show invites you to tune in and turn on your “happy!” She covers pop culture, restaurants, and all things celebratory for Your Home TV and Bay Area Houston Magazine.

To learn more about this incredible combination of Dan Gilman and Anna Devere with “Discover Your Potential,” go to and Dr. Tom Chesser’s digital business card at

Lookout, Las Vegas. Here come the right people at the right time to make your stories and messages heard and seen worldwide.

Tom Chesser

Tom Chesser is the owner of Rise Up Media and Marketing. He has a featured show, Rise Up Radio, an online broadcasting podcast.
He is a credited contributing writer for Small Business Trendsetters, Business Innovators Magazine, and host for Business Innovators Radio. He has his own Authority Agency in San Antonio, Texas, serving all of Texas & beyond. Tom is a Top-Performing Professional in the Media and Marketing industry with over 30 years of experience.