Tampa Author Susan Wade Releases Natural Skin Care Book Distinctions of Imperfections, Achieving Amazon Bestseller Status in Multiple Categories

* Achieved #1 New Release in both Skin Care, and also Chinese Medicine categories.
* Achieved #1 Bestsellers in both Cosmetics, and Beauty & Fashion Skin Care categories.

“Distinctions of Imperfections” is a compelling exploration connecting the gut and stress to healthy and beautiful skin. Susan Wade, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Esthetician and Precision Nutrition Certified personal trainer, and the current Director of Education for Viktoria De Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals, sheds light on the fact that optimal skin health starts with a healthy gut. https://viktoriadeann.com/

Her book exposes the myths perpetuated by the growing beauty industry while providing readers with credible resources to understand the harmonious function of the body. This is an essential guide to help you make informed decisions about your natural skin and health journey.

This book shares Wade’s own experiences, includes interviews with women who are themselves aging naturally & beautifully, and also includes journaling pages with prompts, inside a 7-day challenge for readers to begin on their own journey towards their most beautiful, natural & healthy skin.

“Your body is not broken. It is just responding to the environment it is given.”
This line from Susan’s book is gold! Susan has cleared away all of the smoke (and mirrors) and revealed the core truth. Our skin, our beauty, and how we feel comes down to what we put into our bodies. Food, sleep, media, and exercise or lack thereof. All of it is the foundation for how we age. As an esthetician, this book has become one of my “bibles.” I want my clients to understand that their skin is the red flag for internal issues… If you really want to take control of how you feel and look Susan has put together the pieces of the puzzle. She addresses gut, stress, toxins, and more. I can’t stress enough how much I wish everyone would read this book. And if you’re not working with someone like Susan, a Functional Medicine Practitioner yet, you’ll want to after reading this!

– Jen Romano, Mer Bleue Esthetics (California)

Bulk sales have begun and the book will be strategically available in retail locations and spas, and promoted through influencers beginning in:
* Tampa Florida,
* Boise Idaho,
* Scottsbluff, Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska
* Concord & Charlotte North Carolina
* Chicago Illinois
* Pocatello Idaho with www.iuveni.com
* Newton, PA Oil Divine’s retail store and on their website https://oildivine.com/blogs/news/oil-divine-presents-embrace-your-natural-beauty-with-susan-wades-distinctions-of-imperfections

Susan Wade will be speaking at Esthetician’s Summit 2024 (again) in April 2024 in Plano, Texas.

Susan regularly writes articles for Dermascope, SkinInc, and WellSpa360 magazines:
* The Important Stress And Skin Connection https://www.wellspa360.com/wellness/health/article/22874868/the-important-stress-and-skin-connection
* Stressed Out: The Effects of Stress On Skin & Gut Health https://www.dermascope.com/freedigital/June2023/?page=80
* The Connection Between Stress & Common Skin Conditions https://www.skininc.com/treatment/wellness/article/22860714/the-connection-between-stress-common-skin-conditions

Before attending the University of Nebraska – Lincoln (UNL) for a Master of Arts in Educational Administration-Community Colleges, Wade attended Western Nebraska Community College where she was encouraged by a professor to “Write down your future” and in her future plans she wrote “I will be an author”.

Susan Wade has over 40 years of combined experience in health and education and skincare. She is a former Kinesiology Instructor, owned her own sports training business and Educator for Viktoria De’Ann Peptides. She contributes articles to several wellness, beauty and skincare magazines each year.

Frustrated by her unresolved health conditions, Susan became fascinated by the connectivity of the gut, stress, skin, and overall health and found the missing puzzle piece to most health, skin and aging conditions. With a passion for educating and inspiring individuals to make informed choices about their health, Susan is dedicated to teaching others how the body functions, to embrace their natural beauty and age gracefully beginning with healing the inside.

Today’s culture frequently promotes false and altered images in order to persuade us that beauty is about looking perfect at any age. Marketing materials emphasize young, faultless beauty but neglect to explain how to attain and maintain natural beauty. This book will rejuvenate, reverse, or restore the health of your skin by delving deeper into the fundamental causes and understanding the synergy of symptoms. The human body has been designed to heal.

Distinctions of Imperfections: An Essential Guide to Discovering Your Most Beautiful & Natural Skin, From The Inside Out is available globally on Amazon in both paperback and eBook editions at https://www.amazon.com/Distinctions-Imperfections-Essential-Discovering-Beautiful/dp/1773160443


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