Global Woman Brand Continues to Expand through Founder’s Relentless Passion for Empowering Women

Global Woman Brand Continues to Expand through Founder’s  Relentless Passion for Empowering Women
Sula is the woman behind the Global Woman franchise. She has broad professional experience in the communications and psychology arenas and holds her bachelor’s in language and literature; a master’s in counseling and psychology; and her doctorate in psychology. Her doctoral studies focused on domestic violence, which was the impetus for what would become Global Woman.

“I started out holding informal small group gatherings to give women an outlet for expressing themselves in a non-judgmental environment, and it evolved from there,” she said. “Today, through Global Woman’s many subsidiaries, we help women find their light, get out of their comfort zone and tap into their potential. When women discover their talents, they gain their financial freedom, inspire others and have a positive impact on society.”

The Global Woman Club is the foundation for the organization. With 27 chapters around the world, it helps businesswomen to grow their businesses by forming connections and giving them access to a wide array of learning opportunities and networking sessions both online and in-person. Sula says the goal is to “empower women locally and connect them globally.”

Global Woman also offers informational resources and motivational messages through Global Magazine, podcasts and the annual Global Woman Summit.

  • Global – published every three months and showcases businesses and gives practical business tips.
  • Global Woman TV Show – feature conversations with women who are role models for business leadership and social change
  • Global Woman Summit – a two-day event that focuses on both personal and professional development. This year’s Summit will be held on July 13 through July 15 in London.

“We’re now in our fourth year with the Summit and it continues growing. It is so exciting to see women from around the world coming together and forming collaborative relationships to expand their businesses as well as initiatives that bolster important social causes,” said Sula.

“We have seen Global Woman Club members who come with no confidence transform themselves into international speakers, best-selling authors, business experts and thought leaders,” Sula said. “It is amazing what can happen when you receive the right support. I did not have that support when I came to London from Albania and I am committed to helping ensure that as many women as possible do.”

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