Greg Lawlor San Diego Expert Handicapper Introduces The Race Horse Body Language Training Academy

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Greg Lawlor San Diego expert handicapper introduced The Race Horse Body Language Training Academy by pointing out “Race Horse Body Language is used by only about 3% to 5% of all handicappers. Race Horse Body Language is the best kept secret in horse racing.” He continued, “Think about this, we know how human body language reveals a great deal about a person. When you have been out all day and come home, you know immediately how your mate is feeling as soon as you walk through the door. Wouldn’t it be great if a horse could tell you when he feels like winning? That sure would give you a competitive edge wouldn’t it?”

Reading the Body Language of a horse is a skill that can be learned. A horse is an animal that has been domesticated but retains all of the instincts of his ancestors. He will react to stimuli in the same way every time. If he feels great he will show it. It is the same for every emotion, fear, anger or ill health. Understanding those conditioned reflects the horse is showing is Body Language.

There was a day where a Handicapper could only use a horse’s Body Language while at the race track. The Race Horse Body Language Training Academy teaches any person how to become a body language expert with horses using the power of a computer and on line video as well as using it at the track.

Adding body language to a person’s handicap skills will allow them, according to Mr. Lawlor, to “Use it to either confirm or eliminate your choice in any particular race. Doing that will result in winning more and losing less.”

In the past a person had to be at the race track to use Body Language. BUT 80% of all bettors today are on line or at off track facilities. The goal of this training is to teach how to evaluate the horses, not only at the track but by using a computer monitor as well.

Four of the best known horse body language experts, Bonnie Ledbetter, Joe Takach, Greg Lawlor and Tom Ainslie, have come together to reveal their secrets to successful handicapping using a horse’s body language. Mr. Lawlor also added, “When you master the information in this educational course and own that competitive edge you are well on your way to successful AND profitable handicapping! You can use your new found knowledge to defeat “false favorites” and to spot true “Value”. Having this knowledge will put you way ahead of the traditional handicapper.”

The Race Horse Body Language Training Academy has a web posting of a 100 race test they have conducted. This test shows the date, track, horse, odds and results. $2 was wagered on win, place and show in each race. Win rate was 40%. 77% were in the money and the ROI was 63%. Check out the 100 Race Test by going to

The initial training will only be available by way of attending a Webinar which will give basic knowledge to those attending. The Webinars will be given in cooperation with other handicap trainers and major race tracks.

For more information or to contact the Body Language Training Academy and Greg Lawlor, visit

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