Healthy Gut Clinic Owner, Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, is Talking Crap and Reveals Healthy Digestive Tips in “Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo”

Scientific research shows that 85% of an individual’s immunity is governed by the digestive tract which also manufactures about 80-90% of the serotonin levels; affecting mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep, and even memory! It is no wonder that so many companies and products focus on a healthy, happy gut. Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, owner of The Healthy Gut Clinic, knows that a healthy, fully functioning digestive system is crucial to overall health and well-being. In her new book, Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better PooKatherine shares insightful tips for recognizing what’s going on inside the body by analyzing poo habits. 

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie is a skilled colon hydrotherapist and holistic gut health specialist with 16 years of experience. She’s an international best-selling author and speaker on the subject of holistic gut health and runs the Healthy Gut Clinic located in the south west of England. Katherine was initially trained at the National College of Holistic Medicine by Dr. Milo Siewert MD (Mex) in 2005, with a further study completed at the European School of Colon Hydrotherapy. She has a BA (Hons) Degree in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her empowering healing journey has inspired many people to have the guts to live an authentic and naturally healthy life in line with their innate gut feelings and intuition.


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