Heart-Centered S.O.U.L. Synergist, Deborah FreeSpirit, is Leading a Powerful Spiritual Awakening Utilizing S.O.U.L. Connection

(S.O.U.L. = Spiritual Oneness with Universal Love)

Millions of people worldwide are pursuing a spiritual awakening! They want authentic change at a soul level and they are disappointed in the vast amount of spiritual development techniques that only waste time and money while offering no results. Deborah FreeSpirit, known as Huna HiMaTua (Hee-ma-too-ah), which in Huna means “The Knowing” is a Heart-Centered S.O.U.L Synergist.  

Deborah is an insightful Wayshower, an International Law of Attraction Coach, Firewalking Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner, Angelic-Reiki Master and International Best-Selling Author of the hit book, The Law of Brand Attraction 2.  

Since the age of five, Deborah searched for love … with two divorces, a broken heart and crushed self-worth, she realized there was an inner journey to be taken … what unfolded was discovering the most important kind of love was self-love, which enabled Deborah to manifest the life she desired.  

On her quest for freedom, Deborah travelled globally for 11-years visiting sacred sites, attending retreats and receiving powerful activations, whilst working with a Shaman in Peru, Hopi elders in Arizona, and Māori teachers in New Zealand. Hopi’s are devoted practitioners of the shamanic way, who are believed to have one of the oldest living cultures in the world. They are deeply spiritual people with rich storytelling traditions.


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