How To Help Florence Survivors Not Lose Hope

How To Help Florence Survivors Not Lose Hope
With the tragedy of Hurricane Florence, there are thousands of US citizens that will be rebuilding after the torrential downpours dropped upward of 50 inches of rain in some areas of the Carolinas. Across North Carolina, Florence dumped about 8 trillion gallons of rain, enough to fill more than 12 million Olympic swimming pools.

The emotional turmoil is hard for one to fathom. Many people lost loved ones and all of their property and now need to rebuild. A book like Prayer Is Good, A Path from Grief to Peace, could help them process their pain and support them to find peace. That is what the author intended.   

As a Prayer Positive artist and Slow Life activist, Brette is an exciting new voice in the healing community. She is bringing the inspiring and powerful message of experiencing healing through “art as prayer” to a world in desperate need of connection to God, to compassion, to emotional healing and to community.


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