Huron County Represented in the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

Huron County Represented in the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge
The team has entered an innovative mobile app called “No-Wrong-Door Placement Accelerator” into a worldwide competition through the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge, a multi-phase, prize-based competition seeking technology-based solutions to address or improve opioid abuse prevention, treatment, and overdose avoidance and response.

“In Ohio, 85 percent of people suffering from drug dependence or misuse do not have access to the care they need,” said Katie Chieda, senior vice president of clinical services at Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

“This startling statistic, along with Ohio ranking among the top five states in the nation for addiction-related problems, prompted this unique idea for a technology-based solution.”

During the Challenge’s first phase, the “Idea Phase,” researchers, caregivers, providers, and citizens across Ohio, the nation, and the world submitted hundreds of ideas for addressing the opioid epidemic. The second “Challenge Phase” launched in February with the focus on accelerating the development of technology-based solutions in four areas: diagnosis, prevention, connection, and protection.


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