In A Recent Article In Forbes Magazine, JB Owen, Founder, And CEO Of Ignite Publishing, Shares How She Built A Business That Ignites Lives And Uplifts Humanity

JB Owen, the Founder, and CEO of Ignite Publishing,, a book publishing company she created in 2018, believed that stories bring people together and ignite moments. JB helps to transform writers into business owners by showing them how to become “Authorpreneurs” and ignite their business through authentic storytelling. Helping to create books that push us forward and strive for something more life-changing is the goal.

When Ignite Publishing was founded, an ambitious goal was set: to ignite a billion lives through their content. Everything they have done since has been a way of working towards this goal, whether through their bestselling books, charity initiatives, or any of their additional resources like training courses, writing workshops, and speaking summits. But what does it mean to ‘ignite,’ exactly? Well, at Ignite Publishing, it means to create a spark of inspiration and motivation within someone, to give them a push towards changing their lives for the better. And, once ignited, to be the place they keep returning to for empowering content.


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