Interview With Peter Christman On How To Get The Best Value When Selling Your Business

Peter Christman is the founder and CEO of the Christman Group, which mentors business owners get the best value from their business when they are trying to sell. He was able to shed some light on this process during our interview.

Peter G Christman image

Interviewer: Hello, today I am with Peter Christman, the founder and CEO of the Christman Group. Tell us a little bit about your business. What service do you provide to your clientele?

Peter: In 2005, we wrote a book called, “The 10 Trillion Dollar Opportunity,” which talks about Baby Boomers coming into the market. The following year, we started another firm called The Exit Planning Institute where we would train and certify business advisors in exit planning and since 2006, we have trained and certified advisors in 7 countries. I sold that company in the 4th quarter of 2012. so now the Christman Group mentors business owners through the exit planning process, so they can maximize the value that they get for their business and keep most of what they get through what we call three legs of the stool. First leg being maximize the value of the business. Second leg, getting plans personally from taxes state and financial point of view so therefore you keep most of what you get from that value. And third leg of the stool, we help them develop some kind of life plan so they can picture what they’re going to be doing after they exit their business. 

Lisa C. Williams

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