Jesse Grathoff – Nashville Real Estate Agent Reveals Current Trends

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Jesse Grathoff is a Real Estate Agent with eXp Realty in Tennessee.

On this edition, Jesse discusses the rapidly growing market around Nashville.

If you’ve ever considered Nashville for your home, watch and learn from Jesse.



About Jesse Grathoff

I truly love real estate!

I love the thrill of winning for the clients we serve each and every day. However, in an age where talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words, I always ask myself this question…why am I different than your typical real estate agent? Obviously, there could be a long list to discuss (I am biased) however here are the top 3 areas where I have excelled for our clients:

1. I am teamed with a group of agents that work in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We know that the buyer of your home will more than likely NOT be your neighbor. As a result, we strive to have insanely sharp REGIONAL real estate knowledge.

2. I work harder than just about anybody. If there is extra effort needed, I will go to the moon to get it done.

3. Considering that the entire world is “online” and it is no longer a secret that real estate is transacted on your phone, tablet and your computer, I focus on MARKETING. I spend the money to find the buyer that is correct for your home. It is truly a process~

If you are looking for a real estate expert that is ready to be a part of the family and work on your behalf, please reach out. I am a call/text or email away. As a father and the husband to an amazing wife, this is my only career, my only focus. I love working on your behalf to help you achieve your goals, execute your plan with the greatest amount of certainty, which as a result will hopefully release all of the anxiety surrounding the real estate process. This will create the best overall experience possible!

Relax. I’m here to help.

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