Jill James CEO & Founder of The Jill James, LLC Focusing on Self-Funded Founders, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Jill James developed the Business Design Bootcamp, a strategic planning framework for founding CEOs centered on the right customers and strong foundational economics, which is a massive gap for most self-funded founders. Most founders also need and want elite accountability – a partnership with someone who can elevate their thinking and operations but respects their vision and growth as the CEO.

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James commented, “I help self-funded business owners put a strategic, operational strategy in place, to make sure your financial decisions set you up to thrive, without having to sell, take on partners, or spend years figuring out everything by yourself. This is the journey of the self-funded business owner positioned for growth. And we bring the elite operational support, expertise, and sounding board to you. This allows you to keep your dream, let your business thrive, and know you do not need to make every decision alone. I help you move from founder to CEO.”


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