Joshua Sherrard, President and CEO of Strategic Navigators, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Tax Mitigation Using Life Insurance as the “Rich Man Roth”

Because the most significant portion of wealth for a business owner is tied up inside the business, Joshua Sherrard discusses his approach to helping his business clients create a savings plan that makes sense for a successful future.

In the interview, Joshua discusses his proprietary strategy he calls the Rich Man Roth. Because deferring taxes is not better than paying taxes now, he feels that placing money into a specialized account in the shell of a permanent life insurance policy provides spectacular benefits. This provides liquidity so that one can reaccess their funds while also providing no taxes on the gain. This guarantees no loss of principal and dramatic upside in cash value growth inside the policy.

Questions covered in the interview include: 

  • Can retirement savings be passed to kids without having to pay taxes?
  • How does retirement savings impact the ability to receive financial aid for college tuition?
  • Is there any way to be more tax-efficient with savings?

Strategic Navigators helps clients discover the best structures and strategies for their business type, business season, and goals. While maintaining proper legal and liability protections, they keep maximum tax efficiency as a common goal. The tax code is over 80,000 pages when including statutes, case law, and regulations. Within this code lie time-tested strategies and directions on how to grow your business. Their typical client has saved 40-60% more than they did with their previous tax planning.


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