Mike Maddock, entrepreneur, a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, and CEO Coach, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

For over three decades, Mike’s companies have been helping the C-suite leaders launch new products and services. In fact, Mike and his team have now worked with over 25% of the Fortune 500 ––so he has a lot to say about how Disruptors drive innovation.

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Mike explains CEO blind spots this way: “You can’t read the label when you are sitting inside the jar. The longer you have been working on an industry, a problem, a relationship…the more you know; you know what works, what you’ve tried in the past, what the boss wants, what you can afford. Congratulations, you are an expert. Unfortunately, it’s this very expertise that keeps you from seeing new possibilities. Expertise is often why industries get disrupted.”

As both a serial entrepreneur and a sought-after expert of Fortune 100 executives, Mike lives at the intersection of great inspiration and global execution. He understands the strengths, weaknesses, and fears of emerging disruptors as well as the leadership at large corporations. This is why Mike shares lessons he has learned from working with multinationals as well as fast-growth startups.

Robert A. McDonald, Former US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Retired Chairman, President, and CEO of Procter & Gamble, says: “Mike Maddock is one of the most uniquely engaging thought leaders I know. His authentic style is captivating and his ability to inspire using critical lessons from both Startups and Fortune 100s is priceless. I’d recommend him to our CMO and our CFO because they’d both love learning from him.”

About Mike Maddock

Mike will tell you that his purpose is “To inspire and empower curiosity.” Mike calls himself an Idea Monkey because he loves to solve problems with disruptive ideas. This passion for problem solving has driven Mike to establish 7 successful businesses, including innovation and strategy consultancy Maddock Douglas which has helped more than 25% of the Fortune 500 create and launch new products, services and business models.

Mike co-chairs the Gathering of Titans Entrepreneurial Conclave at MIT and is past president of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Chicago.  Currently Mike is the Chairperson of Young Presidents’ Heartland Gold Chapter.

Mike has been a contributor to Forbes, Bloomberg and Inc. He has written four bestselling books: Free the Idea Monkey…to focus on what matters most!, Brand New: Solving the Innovation Paradox and Flirting With the Uninterested, Innovating in a Sold, Not Bought Category. And finally, Plan D––his latest book about how Disruptors use their superhero powers to put a dent in the universe.

Learn more at: https://www.mike-maddock.com/


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