Kathryn Samuels Makes Total Wellness Work for Baby Boomers

Tracy: We’re fortunate today to have Kathryn Samuels join us to share some of the things she has learned in her journey as an entrepreneur. Thank you for being here Kathryn. Let’s start by hearing your back story, how did you become an entrepreneur?myra2IMG_0032

Kathryn: Well Tracy, in 2001 my family and I moved to Pensacola, FL where I realized I didn’t want to continue my job as a financial planner. I wanted to work in a field where I felt fulfilled and passionate. After much thought and prayer, I remembered the times I had struggled with self-esteem and self- image, and I wanted to help others facing the same obstacles. Personal training fit the bill where could teach others to be healthy, feel fit, and help them look good to improve their self-esteem. I knew I needed experience and training, so I got my personal training certification and started working at a gym to transform by client’s bodies. Soon, I realized that my clients couldn’t just work the outside of their bodies, but they needed to improve their bodies internally so I got my nutrition license. My clients started losing weight and getting stronger, but I was puzzled as to why some of them gained the weight back. That’s when I realize d that last piece of the equation was to help teach them how to change their mindset and brain patterns – so I got my life coach certification. With my three-pronged approach, I starting seeing long term success in client health, but I found the gym environment restrictive, so I set out on my own and started A New U – Total Wellness.

T. Allen Hanes

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