Kickstart for “ANCIENT FUTURES” by Steven White (aka Seven) is Open

Steven White, aka “Seven” is a graphic novelist, strategist, and creative storyteller celebrating his newly released first issue of Ancient Futures. Ancient Futures, a NEW #afropunk graphic novel series set in the not-so-distant future of Chicago, Illinois.

Artist, Aaron McConnell’s illustration career has led him to work on celebrated non-fiction graphic novels, but his love of fiction drew him to the world of #AncientFutures and Seven. The collaboration between Seven and McConnell is a perfect blend of story and art that unveils the quantum science complexities of Ancient Futures. 

The new comic set begins with this opening line, “Driving the streets of Chicago in the dead of night is like a meditation to me. Cruise, turn, stop, repeat… drawing Nazca lines with my headlights…” — Valentino Cruz

The main character is Valentino Cruz, an Interdimensional Explorer/Global Bounty Hunter whose archetype is The Self.  He is your guide into Ancient Futures. Issue one finds him being pulled into the dark underbelly of the organization he works for. His attempts to escape only


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