Kim Kuda To Direct The Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus At GALA Festival 2024

PROVIDENCE, RI – July 1, 2024 – The Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus (RIGMC) is thrilled to announce that their esteemed Artistic Director, Kim Kuda, will be leading the Chorus at the prestigious GALA Festival 2024 in Minneapolis, MN. The 2024 GALA Festival will be held for five days in July and is recognized as the largest LGBTQIA+ choral event in the world.

GALA is packed with concerts and workshops filling several buildings in the heart of Minneapolis. In addition, there are numerous social events, networking opportunities and an abundance of joy and pride.

Kim Kuda, who joined the RIGMC in 2008, has been serving as the Artistic Director for 13 years. She brings a wealth of experience and passion to the role. Her direction has been a driving force in the growth and development of the Chorus, both individually and as a group.

Under her leadership, the RIGMC has acted not only as a musical steward but has sought to increase the opportunities for musical growth as the Chorus has participated in top-level performance experiences, including previous GALA festivals.

Ms. Kuda’s extensive background in music theory and composition, combined with her experience in musical direction and stage management, has made her an invaluable asset to the RIGMC.

But Ms. Kuda doesn’t only direct the Chorus. She also arranges music for their vocal range and composes original works.

Her composition, “Imagine and Believe,” was written in response to the 2016 Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, and her latest work, “Beyond,” was premiered in March 2024.  Both reflect her commitment to addressing important social themes through music. She has also composed other works, such as the audience favorite, “It Isn’t Christmas Until The Gay Men Sing,” which has become a hallmark staple in the Chorus’ winter repertoire, “Soft Little Sprinkles,” and “Out on the Bay,” the Chorus’ unofficial theme song.

GALA Festival 2024 aims to celebrate the diversity and talent of LGBTQIA+ choruses from around the world. Kim Kuda’s participation as the Director of the RIGMC highlights both the Chorus’ and Ms. Kuda’s ongoing commitment to excellence and community engagement.

For more information about Kim Kuda or the Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus and their upcoming performance at the GALA Festival, please visit:
About the Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus (RIGMC)

Founded in 1995 as the Providence Gay Men’s Chorus and then changed to Rhode Island Gay Men’s Chorus to represent the entire state, the RIGMC is dedicated to fostering a spirit of diversity, inclusiveness and musical excellence. Through performances, community building, and educational initiatives, the RIGMC strives to make a positive impact on the lives of its members and the broader community.


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