The Addictions Academy Welcomes Jenna James as New Certified Recovery Coach, Bringing Expertise from

Dr. Cali Estes, founder of The Addictions Academy, is proud to announce the addition of Jenna James to their team as a new Certified Recovery Coach. James, a 42-year-old mother of two, brings a unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise to her role, including her ongoing work as Social Media Director for

“We are thrilled to welcome Jenna James to The Addictions Academy as a Certified Recovery Coach,” said Dr. Estes. “Her personal journey, including the tragic loss of her son to addiction, combined with her professional experience, makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Jenna’s passion for breaking the stigma surrounding addiction aligns perfectly with our mission to educate and support those affected by substance abuse.”

As a Certified Recovery Coach at The Addictions Academy, James will utilize her training to assist clients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Her role involves helping clients find appropriate paths to sobriety, setting parameters for recovery conversations, providing roadmaps for success, and working collaboratively to achieve desired goals.

James’s appointment comes at a critical time when the opioid crisis continues to devastate communities across the United States. Her work with, a non-profit organization founded by those directly impacted by the fentanyl crisis, has equipped her with in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing addiction prevention and treatment efforts.

“Joining The Addictions Academy as a Certified Recovery Coach is an opportunity to expand my impact in the field of addiction recovery,” James said. “I’m committed to using my experiences, both painful and transformative, along with my professional training, to support individuals and families affected by this crisis.”

James’s diverse background includes work in bird sanctuaries, retail pharmacy, finance, and the service industry. This varied experience has given her a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. “I’m a people person,” James explained, “and I truly enjoy making connections through shared experiences. If my story can help even one person feel less alone or inspire them to seek help, then I’ve succeeded.”

In her role as a Certified Recovery Coach at The Addictions Academy, James will focus on:

1. Providing one-on-one support to clients struggling with addiction
2. Developing personalized recovery plans
3. Offering guidance on maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse
4. Connecting clients with additional resources and support networks
5. Contributing to The Addictions Academy’s educational initiatives

Dr. Estes emphasized the importance of James’s dual roles, stating, “Jenna’s experience as Social Media Director for, combined with her new position as a Certified Recovery Coach with us, creates a powerful synergy. Her ability to reach people through social media and provide direct, personal support as a coach will be instrumental in our fight against addiction.”

When not working, James can be found spending time on the lake with her dogs and son, listening to podcasts while working in her home or yard, and participating in awareness events within her community. Her love for animals and nature provides a grounding influence that she hopes to share with others struggling with addiction.

The addition of James to The Addictions Academy team aligns with the organization’s commitment to providing comprehensive, empathetic support to those affected by addiction. By leveraging James’s experience with and her personal journey of loss, The Addictions Academy aims to enhance its ability to address the ongoing opioid crisis and the specific challenges posed by addiction.

James’s story underscores the reality that addiction does not discriminate and can affect individuals and families from all backgrounds. Her journey from personal tragedy to advocacy and now to a professional role in addiction recovery exemplifies the transformative power of turning pain into purpose.

As The Addictions Academy continues to expand its reach and impact, the addition of Jenna James as a Certified Recovery Coach represents a significant step forward in their efforts to combat addiction and raise awareness about recovery. Her unique combination of personal experience, professional expertise, and commitment to breaking stigma is expected to play a crucial role in The Addictions Academy’s mission to educate, support, and ultimately save lives.

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