Kim Pezza Business Leader Interview

KP: If you loved what you did before, try and figure out a way that you can continue in the same field. If it was something very physical, maybe you can share your knowledge through writing. Perhaps you can become an instructor or a speaker. Or, make your own little niche in your market. Finally, never give up. You might get discouraged, but don’t give up! The changes in work will not be quite as difficult if you are not actually giving up your work. Most likely you have acquired lots of knowledge over the years at your job. This isn’t the time to walk away. This is now the time to become the expert…the go to person….the one who didn’t let anything get in their way!

BI: To wrap this up, what are you most excited about in the upcoming months in your business?

KP: I am most excited about getting “Throwback Kitchen” shows up and running. It is also time to look for an agent, so I am looking forward to doing that and being able to focus more on the creative and development end, where I work the best and enjoy being at. And, I am very excited about more and more of my physical abilities coming back after eight long years, which may soon allow me to get back into some phases of homesteading again…..if I have time!

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