Lauren Grey Author of 1001 Watts Getting National Attention

Lauren Grey Author of 1001 Watts  Getting National Attention
Lauren Grey, author of 1001 Watts: Reinvent Yourself, Start Today, and Discover How Women Are Lighting the World.  In the interview, Grey talks about her research of equity in the workplace, which led her to where she is today: An advocate of empowerment through engagement. 

Grey is a communications strategist advising companies on how to empower employees through engagement. Engaged employees drive revenue, cross-sell, and empower themselves and others to become better stewards in their professional and personal lives, which improves the community as a whole. With USI Insurance Services, Lauren advises on human capital-efficient benefits planning, designing cost containment strategies that positively impact bottom-line forecasts; and, the results for her clients are insurmountable.

1001 Watts is an unwavering guide, a starting point, to help women at a crossroads see their true potential.  This inspirational book’s purpose is to accelerate a path of change toward leveling the playing field. Grey’s findings illustrate that women around the world are searching for a new way to connect and engage with one another. Her book lights the way for women to follow their vision and possesses the tools needed to sustain that vision. 1001 Watts is a guide that helps women succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

Grey’s mission is to bring hope and community to all women all around the world, stating, “I’ve learned that when we connect and lift others above ourselves, our internal light shines brighter. That’s why my book is called, 1001 Watts. Each one of us has an individual, unique inner light, and when we connect with one another, we shine brighter.”  Grey continues, “As we seek to reinvent ourselves, we must work together, connect with one another, and communicate with heart.”  Grey dedicates much of her inspiration to Melinda Gates, who, for the past couple of years, has spoken about each person’s internal light. “What Melinda Gates has done for me, says Grey, as my mentor from afar, if you will, show me how to illuminate my own internal light.  Melinda Gates has shown me a path of empowerment, and the “why” behind inclusion and diversity.”

What others are saying about 1001 Watts:

“An inspiring, unflinching new inquiry into how women connect and accelerate personal and professional growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

-Shelly Palmer

CEO of the Palmer Group, author of Digital Wisdom: Thought Leadership for a Connected World


“An insightful read on how to connect, communicate, and network with heart in a New Era of Luminance and change.”

-Julia Franz

Television Executive

Grey concluded, “…A new light is on the horizon. We are entering into the fourth industrial revolution, and women need each other more than ever before.  The secrets revealed as you read this book will help you magnify your light and use it to connect to other women, expanding your luminance until there is no woman who stands alone, no woman without the opportunity to grow and succeed.  1001 Watts helps each woman recognize her unique beauty and value.  Join us as we begin to light the world together.”


“When we connect and lift women above ourselves, our internal light shines brighter.” 

Lauren Grey, Author 1001 Watts


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