LERN how to get to Next Level

LERN how to get to Next Level
LERN Global is a CPD Accredit Academy in Manchester where they effectively train people to become Professionals in Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Content Creation and Leadership and building successful businesses. They teach the correct skills and technics in professional public speaking and have the right knowledge, tools a unique network to push people to the next level.

The Founder and CEO of LERN Global Ltd., Ernold van Bueren  is a successful entrepreneur and Public Speaker, he also was the co-founder of OdiGames Studio since 2011 and launched over 15 successful games on the App Store. During the years Ernold helped lots of company setups worldwide and trained lots of new Entrepreneurs and Software Developers to build their business.  He trains and empowers people to become successful professionals in Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Content Creation, Leadership and become experts on how to build a 6 figure business in a short period of time.

LERN Global Ltd. offers 12 month Mentor Program and high quality courses that are convenient, affordable and assessable to all people in areas such as: affiliate marketing, photography and public speaking. The goal is to provide services that give you all the tools to become successful to build and brand your business. 

“After all, we are ALL unique and able to become experts to build a 6 figure business!” ~Ernold van Bueren

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