Lidia Kuleshnyk’s Multi-Author Collaboration, 25 Tools for Goddesses is a Guide to Harnessing Life-Changing Inner Power!

Launching on December 7th is a game-changing book filled with powerful stories and tools that will inspire and empower men and women to harness their inner power! 25 Tools for Goddesses is a multi-author book collaboration, featuring Lidia Kuleshnyk. Lidia, who has been in private practice for 25 years, is a Chronic Health Specialist, High-Performance and Wellness Coach who helps overworked, stressed-out, high-achieving men and women learn to become grounded, energized, and focused so that they can own their inner power and eliminate feelings of burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue. Utilizing her “Capacity Principle™” of Conscious Leadership and Success, a simple yet remarkably efficient self-empowerment tool, Lidia enables clients to reclaim their health, regain their energy and refine their power. 

Known as Lady Apona, Lidia provides support to a broad range of clients with serious health conditions including anxiety, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, cancer, concussions/brain injuries, COPD, heart and stroke conditions, and injuries. Her Apona Healing Method™ is a comprehensive approach that guides clients through the process of healing and enables them to stay on track and be Centered, Connected, and Conscious™, the 3 keys to unlocking the power to heal and achieve one’s mission and potential. The Apona Healing Method™ is a combination of three exceptionally effective healing methods, Reiki, Macrobiotics, and Healing Coaching. 


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