Life Coach Jean Sibley Reveals the Path to Creating an Authentic Life

We are here with Jean Sibley, a life coach for women over 50 who want to unleash and express their creativity, freedom, and desire for greater meaning and contribution. Jean helps those moving through major challenges and opportunities around empty nesting, relocation, and retiring from the rat race, her clients develop the clarity, bravado and skills to live an inspired life on their own terms.
Jean Sibley Life Coach Business Innovators MagazineQ: Jean, what can you tell me about your background?  How did you shift from Asian Studies to a career as a trainer and then become a world-traveling life coach? What was the path to where you are today?

A: As I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, I became fascinated with cultures and languages different from my own. After majoring in Chinese and Japanese studies I lived in China for 3 years, then came to grad school in California just as the software industry was exploding. Realizing the need to make technology easier to use, and the upcoming career opportunities for that, I applied my translation and writing skills to a technical training career. During those years I raised a child as a single mom, practiced meditation, became an energy healer, and learned entrepreneurial skills. A strong impulse to leave my Silicon Valley job to travel the world arose after my daughter was on her own. Being a nomad who enjoys connecting across cultures, sharing stories and travel tips, and coaching women how to move through big life changes to create their ideal life – that is my path today. So what I teach is what I love – as well as what I live!

Tavis Bucklin

Tavis Bucklin is a #1 Best-selling author, and contributing iReporter for CNN covering leaders in Business, Health, and Personal Development.Tavis has been published in ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX and Forbes Magazine among other outlets.