Mark Palmieri, Owner Palmieri Personal Training: Keys to Getting Fit for Baby Boomers

There was a study done out of Boston that surveyed some people, 85 years old or older, using walkers. They had them working out for ten weeks. They did some basic movements. Not even the ones we were talking about, the functional ones. We’re talking about the basic; I believe machine-based movements. They could go from their walker to their cane. That’s a big win right there. Now they’re a little bit more independent. I think one of the biggest things would be just to get started. If you have confidence and trust in your trainer and you have an open line of communication, then you’re halfway there.

I’ve got to tell you a quick story here, too. I was asking some of my clients about why they continue to train with me. One of my clients said, “Mark, it’s never the same thing, and you can react to how I’m feeling that day. I don’t even have to tell you.” You can usually tell. I don’t know if every trainer can do that, but I do know a lot of trainers that are very in tune with their client. You know if they’ve slept enough. You know if they’re dehydrated. You know if they’re stressed out about a family thing, or a work thing. If they’re done working, awesome. They may be stressed out about not having anything to do. There’s some planning involved in that. With a smart program, we’re going to back off a little bit that day. We’re probably not going to work as intensely as we normally would. That’s a day that demands a little bit of a different style of exercise. Being okay with that, being communicative, and just starting; I think that’s probably the biggest thing, Phil.

Phil Faris: I agree. A lot of people are on the verge of starting. And then it’s… I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it. Then, weeks turn to months. Months turn to years. It never happens. Just get started, and having a trainer helps you do that. My final question. When you work out with your clients, how important is fun as part of the program?

Mark Palmieri: I’ll tell you this. During a typical Palmieri Personal Training session, you’re going to end with a smile on your face. I do pride myself on that and have for over 11 years. Two of the main things that I pride myself on is, I have not hurt anybody, and that’s very important to me. I take that very seriously. The second is we have a blast. For me, it’s the stories that go back and forth. As we become more comfortable with ourselves –this usually happens after week two, maybe a little longer, depending on the individual– I am determined to find what they enjoy. It’s tough in fitness to find what people sometimes enjoy, because they think it’s going to hurt, or they think it’s got to be this way.

What we end up doing, and Phil, I think you know one of my clients. He just wanted to be a little bit healthier. He’s an accomplished outdoorsman. He’s probably way better than I am. But he’s doing it without pain now. One of the exercises we’ll do: He likes to take out the sledgehammer and smash a tire. That’s something I would’ve never started him with when he came in with shoulder pain. But, you know what? His shoulder’s clear. His back doesn’t hurt, and he likes that, so we finish with the sledgehammer every time. It’s something he looks forward to at the end of his workout. He knows he’s going to get to smash the tire, so we end on that.

With another client, I was referring to earlier, there’s this ball push-out series, where she’s in a plank position, or if you could imagine being on your forearms in a modified push-up, basically, on your forearms. I’ll put her on one of those stability balls, and make her push the ball out, and we do 300 reps. I’ve got some younger clients who are 19 years old, and they can barely do 20 reps, and this individual is doing 300, and she’s a boomer. She’s been rocking it. We’ve been as high as 400 because we like to challenge it. Yes, I can’t overemphasize the fact that fun comes with safety. The fun comes with results and having that connection with your trainer. Encourage everybody, if you’re going to do the training thing, which I highly suggest, just make sure you do have some rapport and connection with your trainer, and you feel comfortable with that person because it makes a difference.

Phil Faris: Mark, I want to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, your commitment to fitness, and your insights. I’m sure our listeners will benefit from that. If people want to connect with you or get more information on your fitness center, where should they go?

Mark Palmieri: You can Google Palmieri Personal Training Inc.

Or I can be reached by email at

Whether you’re in the area or not, feel free to reach out and send an email. I’m pretty good about getting back to you within 24 hours. No question is a dumb question, so I’m available.

Phil Faris: Mark, thank you very much, and you have a fabulous day.

Mark Palmieri: Thank you, Phil.

Phil Faris

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