Mike Saunders, Authority Positioning Coach, Announces Latest Book Published on Amazon, “Authoritize Your Agency,” Hits Bestseller Status

#1 Authority Marketing Strategist, Mike Saunders, released his latest book on Amazon.

It hit bestseller lists on Amazon.com within 24 hours of release, achieving #1 New Release in Public Relations and #1 in Business Communication Skills.

Saunders said about the project: “many Financial Professionals are invisible to the affluent families & business owners who are their ideal prospects. An Authority Positioning Portfolio® of permanent assets on the world’s most powerful platforms helps them become the trusted advisor with indestructible authority.”

Financial professionals quickly discover that the main problem they are trying to solve is obscurity- their best prospects do not know they exist! 

They may even have a touch of “FOBO,”….the Fear Of Being Obscure! This leads to “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS), which keeps distracting them with the latest marketing fad…they worry that they don’t have the confidence to be seen as an expert to attract high-net-worth clients.


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