MoonLift Announces Strategic Partnership With Midgard Technologies

Midgard Technologies is a blockchain development and cyber security company that enables projects to produce a more secure product and underlying infrastructure, excelling time-to-market, and preventing security breaches. Midgard Technologies LLC is registered in Delaware, USA, and operates as a decentralized organization with a marketing and revenue team in California as well as specialized R&D groups located in multiple cities across Ukraine. 

Midgard Technologies, their extensive expertise, and network will prove to be fundamental to the success of the projects that MoonLift Capital will offer its services. With a very diversified experience in DeFi, Fintech, Neobanking, Insurance, Real Estate, ML and Predictions, Healthcare, Gaming, Education, Martech, Automotive and COVID-safety for Hospitality, Midgard Technologies will offer support to projects running with MoonLift Capital as they help in filling certain gaps in the technology stack that projects might have on their way towards a successful product or DApp launch.


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