Motivation Addict, Certified Life Optimization Coach, And Equine Communicator Julie Saillant On The Power of Mindfulness As A Tool To Achieve Success

Motivation Addict, Certified Life Optimization Coach, And Equine Communicator Julie Saillant On The Power of Mindfulness As A Tool To Achieve Success
On a recent episode of Amazing Women and Men of Power Talk Radio, Host Raven Blair Glover spoke with Julie SaillantCertified Life Optimization Coach, Equine Communicator & Lifestyle Influencer. Julie shared her mission which offers clients strategies to identify their gifts and motivates them to live their true soul purpose. One way she does so is by teaching Mindfulness, which can be used in any area of an individuals’ life: personal, family, hobbies, mind, body and soul. Julie helps her clients remove blocks to experience their best life through practical strategies, individual coaching and group retreats that are custom built and offer a supportive safe atmosphere.

When host Raven Blair Glover asked Julie about whether she helps people that are struggling with everyday life or those who are struggling with clarity and what their next move is, Julie answered: “I’m glad that you asked that question because what I help you do is get really clear on what your gifts are and where you want to go.  Together, we create a roadmap so that you have a map to success and I’m the person that’s going to hold you accountable, because there are two things you need to do: You need to be held accountable as you said, and you also need to take lots of massive action and the key is consistency. It isn’t a one off. You have to be as consistent as possible and it should scare you. It has to be something big. It can’t be something that you’ve done before. This is where you really need to go out of your box.  Maybe you’re going to get on camera, and you don’t feel comfortable. Maybe you’re going to give a talk, and you don’t feel comfortable. Through that you grow. If you do it often enough, you change that success waterline and you make it your own. So, I really help people be confident, be clear on their goals, have a plan, and then hold them accountable to both of us and I’m going to hold your feet to the fire and say, “Okay   Raven, this is what you said you wanted to do. Well tell me how you did, did you do it, and if not, what can we fix so you will be successful? What can we tweak to make it work for you? You need to have a plan and you have to make it happen.”

When host Raven asked Julie for tips to achieve peak performance, Julie shared: “The first thing you can do in terms of Mindfulness are deep breathing exercises. And let me just say this regarding Mindfulness, a lot of people think that’s woo woo and pie in the sky stuff, Raven. But it’s been backed by science to help with stress, chronic fatigue syndrome and sleeplessness. There’s been a lot of science around it in the last year or two that has really backed it up as to being something that can really help folks reach peak performance. One of the first steps is deep breathing, because the whole art of Mindfulness is that you are not present in the moment. Now, you may be thinking about what you did yesterday or maybe you’re thinking about what you have to do tomorrow. To be 100% present right now, that’s what Mindfulness is. We need to take a few deep breaths and when you take a deep breath, you will actually physically slow down enough so that your mind can slow down. That’s the first tip that I have is to take a couple of deep breaths because when you do that, your body has no choice but to slow down.”

As a young teenager Julie went through a difficult period attending 6 different schools in six years, including spending one year overseas in England. Going to many different schools, both public and private, she always felt like the “new kid” and each and every new school, she had to start over. It taught her that she was resilient and could adapt and flourish in any setting.  More importantly, that she needed to rely on her own instincts and abilities to stand in in the knowledge that she was different – and that was ok. At the age of 16, she experienced a fellow horse boarder treating their horse cruelly, causing the horse painful injuries. After Julie & the property owner treated the horses’s injuries, the Mare spoke to her with both words and images of what had happened to her. She realized then that she could understand clearly not only her own horse, but what another horse was communicating to her, and that was the beginning of her communication with horses. She strongly believes those experiences have allowed her to grow and have made it simple for her to put herself in other people’s shoes, to truly feel what they feel and to motivate them to go for their dreams. ​

The interview concluded with Julie saying: “I believe that everyone has a dream in their heart and it’s my job to help them.”

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