Music Man Jr. Musical Makes Magic

Music Man Jr. Musical Makes Magic
Theater is a full contact sport. It demands much and unsparingly. Musical theater … even more so.

Add to this mix performers who are 18 years old or younger and theater becomes a miracle unfolding. It’s one of the few areas where improving individual talent and striving for a greater good are both demanded and delicately balanced.

From initial audition past closing the curtains, musical theater calls forth much from those participating.

That’s because it develops empathy, improves shared community, inspires excellence and requires commitments of physical stamina.

At the same time, it encourages individuality, balances personal striving with group effort and hones talent, skills and technique, all while incorporating dancing, singing, comedy, improv, presence, and acting.

This is exactly what CYT’s group of young performers deliver.

It is rare for youth theater to achieve either technical performance excellence or community excellence.  This one hits both.

CYT’s Music Man Jr. is pure magic – a winning combination of youthful talent, individual excellence and a troupe clearly bonded by supporting each other guided by a talented directing team.


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