New Beginnings and Wondrous Transformations from World-Class Business Change Makers

Easter is about new beginnings and transformations. Over the last year, many individuals have been forced to pivot or even start anew. Mark Stephen Pooler, Founder, Editor in Chief, Media & News Publisher of MSP News Global has experienced countless new beginnings and transformations in his own life. He has endured a past of unimaginable bullying and suffered from a severe drug addiction. Mark’s personal transformation took him from a painful, troublesome life to the PR and Media leader that shines so brightly today! 

With every end, there is a dawn of a new beginning. Mark’s desire is to now shine a light so radiant that there is no such thing as the end. In celebration of the birth that Easter represents, Mark has gathered together a collection of business experts who share their thoughts on New Beginnings and Transformations.

Leadership Coach and Change Partner Joanna Howes was tasked with helping businesses transform the way they operated. She realized the entire process including gaining trust, training leaders, the mission coming to fruition and her value being recognized, would take time. Attributing the success she gained to patience, belief in the process, her resilience, and hard work allowed Joanna to see the importance in the season of growth, involving ups and downs, in any transformation.


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