Millennial Empowerment Speaker & Debut Book Author Paige Johnson-Serjue Hits Multiple Amazon Best Seller Lists With “break free of the bullsh*t: A Millennial Empowerment Guide”

Author & Millennial Empowerment Speaker Paige Johnson-Serjue‘s recent release, break free of the bullsh*t: A Millennial Empowerment Guide hit’s best seller list on March 23, 2021, climbing all the way to #4 in Business Mentoring & Coaching, and #6 in Success Self-Help Books, and Guides to Success categories.

A primary theme of the book is the concept of ‘failing properly’, which Johnson-Serjue learned while at Brock University, through her experience of struggling with classes and heading towards academic suspension. Instead of accepting defeat, she discovered many lessons through the experience, worked hard and ended up graduating with Honours.

Simone Smith of Toronto says “She continues to help people out of dark places, assists in bringing new businesses to life, and coaches people to gain the confidence to get their dream jobs. She’s a millennial that is doing her best to change the way the older generation views her cohort. Go ahead girl! You are doing a great job.”


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