Walter Vendel, Founder of Fit20 Group, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About a Personal Health Franchise Opportunity

Walter Vendel discusses why fit20 will become a leading franchise brand in the years to come.

Vendel explained, “fit20 makes fitness the easiest part of your week! fit20 offers you a very attractive revenue model and a meaningful business.”


People’s lives are busier than ever. The 24/7 economy has made time the second most precious commodity. Their most precious commodity is health. These two facts of life are often at odds. Exercise is vital for health, but people often lack the time to spend hours in the gym. The good news is there is a solution for this dilemma: fit20.

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Dutch-based fit20 Franchise has offered thousands of people worldwide an effective way to significantly increase their health and fitness levels by training just once a week for 20 minutes. By adapting and innovating science-based High-Intensity Resistance Training fit20 has become its world market leader. And now you can make this success story your business opportunity.

fit20 is expanding internationally rapidly and has licensed Master Franchisees in 8 countries on 4 continents. As a scalable franchise formula, fit20 offers a highly profitable business model. fit20 combines human touch with cutting-edge technology in its boutique-style studios. This is the fastest-growing segment within the fitness industry today. The on-line and hands-on fit20 Academy guarantees a fast and successful launch.

The fit20 Master Franchisee business proposition:

 the exclusive right to develop the fit20 franchise in the designated country
– a long term profitable business
 a proven business model with rapid growth potential
 the benefits of Full Franchise support, including the fit20 Academy Platform
 structured business development and support to expedite growth




About Walter Vendel

Active in Sales within IT Industry for over 20 years. Lifelong affinity with health & sports. Started in 2005 pilot studio, in 2009 opening first franchised fit20 studio in the Netherlands. Now 130 studio’s in the Netherlands and 35 studio’s in 8 other countries; USA, UK, QA, NZ, FR, DE, DE, SE. As Founder and CEO, still active in the exponential growth that we foresee in the coming years worldwide.


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