New Book by Kevin Nery Titled “Sell Smart on Amazon Flash Sale

Business Broker Kevin Nery’s new book titled “Sell Smart: How Business Brokers Confidentially Sell Your Business for the Highest Value” goes on special flash sale Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Selling your business can be a daunting task, filled with uncertainty and questions. But fear not, because in “Sell Smart,” seasoned business broker Kevin A. Nery shares his invaluable expertise and guides you through the ins and outs of the sales process. With over 200 successful business sales under his belt, Nery understands owners’ challenges and concerns, and he’s here to help you navigate the maze.

In this concise and informative book, Nery dispels common business sales myths and misconceptions, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. If you’re an owner looking to sell your business, “Sell Smart” provides a solid foundation to understand what lies ahead and helps you overcome any obstacles.

Drawing from his extensive background in accounting, retail, manufacturing, and more, Nery shares real-life experiences and practical advice to ensure you avoid costly mistakes. This book covers everything from understanding the sales process to enlisting the right professionals for support. Discover the benefits, pros, and cons of selling your business, and gain the confidence to embark on your next chapter, whether retirement or a new business venture.

Nery stated, “I wrote this short book to help you navigate the maze and make an informed decision about selling your business. I will focus on businesses with sales revenues under $2 million and valuations of $1 million or less. My goal is to eliminate sellers’ fears and supply a foundation for them to understand better what they will encounter.”

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Kevin A. Nery, CBB, LCBI, M&AMI, has over 40 years of business experience in the areas of accounting, taxation, management, manufacturing, marketing, and consulting. As a professional business intermediary, he is able to utilize his personal and professional experiences in start-ups, buying, selling, and owning his own companies. He has held positions in banking, manufacturing, CPA firms, and a retail corporation prior to founding the firm in 2000. Over the years, Mr. Nery has sold over 200 businesses and companies and valued hundreds of businesses, professional firms, and companies. He has extensive knowledge of business sales, mergers, acquisitions, business valuations, and commercial real estate sales and leasing.

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