New Fayetteville NC Massage School Will Train Army of Pain Fighters

When Brenda Howell achieved her massage therapy license, she had pursued it to help her military husband who, like many soldiers, had been through rigorous physical training for most of his career.  As Brenda notes, “Jumping out of planes, running obstacle courses and everyday physical training at Fort Bragg, resulted in a bunch of injuries, and I thought massage would help him heal.”

The traditional massage for which she trained, did afford her husband-patient some pain relief, but instinctively, Brenda felt there should be more and began researching some advanced and specific techniques. She found medical massage. As she puts it, “Going further than the traditional modalities where applicable, accelerated my husband’s healing and I knew I had found my niche.  Now I could really reach out to the many soldiers just like him to help them relieve their pain and hopefully enable faster healing.”

Brenda has specialized in that mode of massage ever since first opening her practice. However, she also recognized that as word spread about medical massage, she was getting booked up for weeks, yet wanted to see more people. She needed help, so she branched out, hiring and working with therapists who were well-versed in sports massage, post-op lymphatic massage, relaxation massage and more, applying her medical massage perspective to those modalities. For almost seven years now, Brenda and her diverse staff have operated a successful massage therapy practice.


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