The Book That is Changing the Way the Church Views Work

Pastor Paddy Blessed Musoke is pleased to announce the release of the book, “My Work, My Ministry”. This book offers insight into helping believers see their divine calling to manifest God’s Kingdom in every sphere of their lives, especially in the workplace.

With this classic, Pastor Paddy Blessed Musoke changes how Christians approach divine callings. The author immerses himself in the concept of spiritual disciplines and divine calling, explaining that they exist for godliness, they do not save and do not make God love us more, but are the means that God uses to conform us to the image of Christ. Paddy Musoke has skillfully used the biblical examples of Daniel, Nehemiah, Joseph, Mordecai, and others to reveal the exploits of men and women who used their places of work to manifest God’s Kingdom. The results of their faithfulness in doing so are overwhelming when one views the course of history being positively changed and God’s glory being revealed.

Divine callings, far from mandatory or restrictive as they are often perceived, are joy and the means to unparalleled spiritual freedom. This journey through the divine callings Strike will increase the hunger for holiness and godliness while providing the tools necessary for spiritual growth, with the right motivation to become more and more like Christ.


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