Nub Theory, Gender Swaying and Conception Experts Beth Hemmings and Natalie Etchells, Launch New Website To Help Women Achieve Their Desired Gender

Nub Theory, Gender Swaying and Conception Experts Beth Hemmings and Natalie Etchells, Launch New Website To Help Women Achieve Their Desired Gender
Predicting the sex of your baby before your gender scan has always been rather more of an art  than a science until now, it is claimed. There is an underground craze sweeping the internet called The Nub Theory. In recent years it’s been more widely accepted as fact and is now used in sonography departments globally to predict a baby’s gender. It boasts great accuracy and at a much earlier time than previously thought possible. Where a traditional medical scan cannot determine the sex of a baby until 16 weeks, The Nub Theory claims to be over 95% accurate at just 13 weeks.

Experts look at the nub – an affectionate name for genital tubercle – and determine the ‘angle of the dangle’! The genital tubercle is the collection of dense tissue that will eventually become your baby’s genitalia. In simplified terms, if the angle is greater then 30 degrees it’s a boy, less than 30 degrees and it’s a girl.

The growing worldwide phenomenon that is The Nub Theory prompted 2 experts, Beth Hemmings and Natalie Etchells to launch a brand new website called Their aim is to help expectant mothers from anywhere in the world understand Nub Theory and enable them to find the sex of their baby simply by uploading a picture of their dating scan. It can then be examined by the experts and a prediction of gender made.

Co-founder Beth Hemmings said “Our aim with Babyboo Club is to bring all the information on Nub Theory into one place and make it easy to understand for expectant mothers. We also wanted to provide a way that women could confidently access Nub Theory experts and get their opinion on what sex their baby is. It’s difficult to know who to ask otherwise, and you don’t know whether you have an expert on hand or someone who is just guessing. We look at so much more than the angle. We look at shape, size, length, relation to baby’s pelvic structure and other organs.”

With the right information provided, Babyboo Club claims a 92.5% accuracy in its’ predictions.

However, Beth and Natalie have much higher aims for Babyboo Club than just a ‘Nub Theory Hub’.

Interestingly they also focus on Gender Swaying which is, they say, how you can influence the gender of your baby if you’re trying to conceive.

Natalie says “We know there is a huge debate about wanting a particular gender and the subject was somewhat taboo until recent years. But that doesn’t change the fact that people often do have a preference, so we wanted to create a space where all the information can be shared clearly and accurately. We have done the research for you. We have filtered the fact from the fiction and come up with the best methods possible to help you up the odds of conceiving the baby you desire with help from our gender swaying experts.”

While they do pride themselves on only bringing you scientifically backed information, they do also state on their site that they are not doctors and while the information given with regards to gender swaying is based on a solid foundation of evidence that is both credible and reliable, they can’t actually guarantee you’ll get the gender you want.

However, their methods are all natural and involve nothing more than simple lifestyle changes.

So if you have an interest in The Nub Theory, or you’re desperate for a specific gender to begin or complete your family, perhaps can help you in the right direction.


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