OnGo – Energy Rocks the World with Energy Innovation

Ashoo Jain is the founder of OnGo-Energy, he has rocked the energy market with an instant energy spray. There is currently a huge market for energy drink alternatives out there all over the web. Wherever you look you see superfoods of all kinds being used as a substitution for the busy consumer. However, OnGo is revolutionizing this market with a spray on product that can be used anywhere while running through an airport or running on a track.

OnGo is perfect for the health-conscious consumer with around 4 calories per spray. In addition to the low-calorie content, it is packed with nutrients such as B3, B6, B12, and Taurine. With these amazing options of nutrient content, there is no reason to look for any other supplement.

The Portable on Demand Energy Source

As some of the busiest business people in the world know, airport energy drinks are NOT the way to go. It is a great way to spill your drink all over your laptop as you are quickly boarding a plane. There are over 60 uses in a bottle of OnGo, it is an affordable solution for the economical consumer and can be taken anywhere.

According to Ashoo Jain, the Founder of OnGo, “When I look around I see a world that is filled with people moving at the speed of light. Everyone has somewhere to be and something to do. I tried to create a product that would be healthy, available anywhere, and offer focus to the busy user. Even if the delays and the hectic nature of life are an issue, having proper energy supplementation will not ever be an issue.”

Ashoo has been the leader in this market as OnGo has found its way into the hands of some very high profile users. Chris Mazder is a professional athlete and Olympian who swears by the product, “OnGo Energy Spray is changing the game. It helps me keep a sustained energy boost throughout my day, so I can transition easily across all my activities, from being an athlete to a dad and everything else I have to do.”

OnGo is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to step up their game and do it in a healthy way. Many options are out there on the market, but there are few that are designed from inception with the consumer in mind. Ashoo Jain is a very busy man himself and when he was thinking of the product, he knew that the athletes of all industries deserve the same treatment. There should be a solution for all companies and industries that will empower the workers to keep their focus and offer peak performance. Let’s face it, life is not slowing down anytime soon. In addition to not slowing down, it is not going to get any easier. The market keeps evolving with new products and solutions and the consumer is looking for the best one. Clearly, the winner is OnGo Energy for a great sustained energy source.


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