Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning Wins the BUILD 2018 Architectural Award for Best Full Service HVAC Contractor

Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning Wins the BUILD 2018 Architectural Award for Best Full Service HVAC Contractor
According to BUILD Architectural Awards, nominees are selected by focusing on a myriad of disciplines. These prestigious awards strive to recognize and pay tribute to all who fall under the scope of architecture. As energy efficiency and sustainability have become increasingly vital to modern designs, BUILD pays homage to those who continue to design the healthiest and cleanest structures, with an added impetus on creating environmentally safe and friendly buildings. From the largest corporations and small studios and practices to the hard-working sole traders, the Architecture Awards highlight only those who have proven themselves, with  excellence being of the utmost importance.

Recipient of the BUILD Architectural Award, Gary Gravener of Gravener Heating and Air Conditioning shared: “when I started Gravener HVAC in 1982 and to this day, my commitment to each and every customer has been a three point approach: honesty, integrity and reliability. To this day, I treat all of our customers the same way that I hope to be treated by others. To feel at the end of a project that we have respected our customers’ wishes and hope also to gain them as long term customers. The most important part of any job is to know that our customers have enough confidence in us to recommend us to their families, friends and neighbors.”

Gravener succeeded with the NAMS project. NAMS (Northern Area Multi-Service Center), a health and human service non-profit in the Sharpsburg area of Pittsburgh, PA contacted Gravener to convert a domed, stained glass chapel, part of a building purchased back in the 1960s into a gym for their senior community. The chapel had been non-utilized due to an untouched HVAC system that caused extreme cold in the winter and excessive heat in the summer.

Gravener met the challenge, devised, created and installed an ingenious HVAC system that corrected the problem while keeping the architecture and beauty of the structure pristine. Understandably, meeting many of BUILDS award criteria for both customer service and best HVAC contractor.

BUILD Architectural Awards recognizes and acknowledges the outstanding works conducted by imaginative designers, engineers and visionaries, whose inspiring and memorable designs and structures “enhance horizons.”

When asked what winning the award meant to owner, Gary Gravener, he stated: “This award is a very special accomplishment due to the amount of planning, fabricating and installation of all pieces that went into this project. Along with myself and my team, we were joined by general contractor Mack Grant of The G Corp; also Godek Electric, Manz Plumbing, A and S Carpet and Steve, the head of facility maintenance at NAMS, who worked as the project manager.

The initial idea from the planning committee was to install the spiral duct in a straight line from the rear wall of the area to the front section of the space in four straight lines of duct.
As the process of planning continued we all agreed that instead of installing the duct in straight lines, it would be possible to make circles of duct that would follow the radius of the ceiling structure. We all agreed that this would make a very interesting effect if it could be done for something out of the ordinary. The decision was made by the steering committee and the work began.”

Gravener continued: “It was a challenging job for us, certainly a real challenge to my 35 years of installation in the HVAC industry. We all shared in the overall success of the community center to have the finished product be what now exists. After it was all said and done, both NAMS and everyone at Gravener Heating had something that we are able to take a lot of pride in.”



Gravener’s client list includes more than 4,500 business and residential customers; maintains a small fleet of service and installation vehicles, their own sheet metal shop for manufacturing custom duct work, a fully stocked service parts department and machinery and tools for mobile installation and fabrication.

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