Patricia Barnes ‘Go Patty’: From Best-Selling Author to Stellar Book Coach, Embarking on a Global Journey of Transformation and Impact

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Patricia Barnes, a Registered Nurse by profession, seamlessly blends her nurturing spirit with her God-given purpose as a generational changer. Her most recent venture is set to redefine the path for budding authors, helping them achieve the much-coveted status of national and international #1 best-selling author.

A Life Dedicated to Upliftment and Change

Having surrendered her life to Christ, Patricia’s journey has been one of continuous evolution and transformation. From achieving fame as an international motivational speaker, blogger, mindset, and book coach to becoming a four-time national and international best-selling author, Patricia’s story is a testament to her dedication to personal development and her passion for helping others realize their potential. Endorsed and trained by the world-renowned speaker Les Brown, Patricia’s vision for Go Patty LLC, which she founded, is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Its mission? To teach, motivate, and encourage individuals to live their golden lives, dream big, and overcome challenges.


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