Peace in the Mourning March Issue in the 2019: The Year of Joy Series

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“The Healers’ Touch” CD was all for ministering to those sacred wounds which only God and his angels see, those wounds which are deeply embedded in our hearts. These songs were about angels ministering to those wounds.

The “Divine Essence Vocal” CD was for restoring what had been lost in the process of going through heartache as a child, a teen or an adult. These nine songs emphasized the divinity within. They are building songs, songs for the child within; songs to remind the heart and mind that you are a cherished child of God.

Carol: As I am getting more clarity and understanding of your music, songs, use of all 5 senses and massage, they all became what is now known as your unique work of being a Vibrational Attunement Massage Therapist, correct?

Karyn: yes.

Carol: Such a peaceful and joyful expression comes on your face when you talk about the songs you’ve written and continue to write as well as the songs you write specifically for others, something that has become a major part of who Karyn Lynn Grant is and what your work entails.

I could feel the emotion while you were sharing that remarkable event and story. I see it brought tears to you as well. The memory, the vividness… Did one of your songs include a song about “Peace in the Mourning?”

Karyn: As far as songs, yes, one of the first songs I wrote was called, “Scents of Peace.” This song was written for a young, pregnant mother. Her story nearly broke my heart and so one night, when I couldn’t sleep, I got up and prayed for a song to comfort her. The song, “Scents of Peace” was written in the middle of the night. I was able to earn enough money to pay to get the song arranged by a musician, Dean Kaelin (who was David Archuletta’s vocal coach).

To this day, I receive requests from those suffering losses of varying kinds who need solace and want to find peace and joy again. I pray about each situation as they arise and the words and the songs just come to me. When I then share them, the positive responses of how the songs have consoled, helped … comforts my heart and soul as well.

I knew that the songs God had given to me had comforted me in times of sorrow…so I believed that perhaps, I could help turn other peoples’ “sorrow into song” so to speak….with the songs that had solaced, consoled and comforted me during those times.

Carol: How do you encourage others to discover “peace in their time of mourning” and assist them in “gracefully transitioning” through grief back into joy, peace, pure love and beyond?

Karyn: Within the “Peace in the Mourning” program, our focus is learning the importance of making time for ourselves as caregivers. We learn how to bask in the stillness, by grounding and anchoring ourselves in a morning meditation. During this hour, we focus on nurturing ourselves by re-balancing our emotional-spiritual lives through prayer, meditation and journal keeping.

Equally, I have found (realizing that we are all different) that when I take the first 30-60 minutes of the morning and have my own morning meditation time with my journal, music, aromatherapy and manuals, that I start the day off with my vessel full to the brim. When I do my own self-care first, I find that I have so much to offer others throughout the day.

Carol: What type of life experiences have you found, in your work, that “Peace in the Mourning” help?

Karyn: Everything from abandonment issues as a child, to rejection by a spouse, to the death of a loved one, to the suicide of a teenager. There is no grief that cannot be resolved with greater empathy, tenderness and compassion. We all have heartaches that were never laid to rest properly.
I believe that all grief hurts deeply, no matter what has caused it. Whether it’s the loss of a job, a pet, a dear friend, a sudden death, a relocation….no matter what causes a person sorrow, there can be found deep relief when we discover that we are not alone and that someone truly deeply cares about our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. By experiencing kindheartedness, we can gain tools for emotional self-sufficiency. This is the way I have discovered to honor the heartbroken and to minister to the forgotten (but not always forgiven) wounds. How to become more emotionally self-reliant and reliant upon a Divine Source when times are troubled is what I am teaching.

Carol: In light of all that is happening in our world today, where can we turn for peace?

Karyn: One way is within. In my own experience after losing someone I love, due to break-up, separation, divorce or death, I found that the sweetest commodity is “Inner Peace.” It is something that cannot be forced from the outside-in. Money cannot buy a sense of peace. Even turning to superficial measures only masks the inner turmoil. A true sense of pervading peace, especially during times of mourning, is something we must discover deep within ourselves, within our very own souls. I realized years ago, while my heart was in the clutches of heartbreaking moments (there is no pain like the pain of a broken heart), I knew I had to discover a way back to my own sense of peace.

In working with clients, rest and relaxation are offered through the five senses. Usually, all that a client needs is a safe place to rest from the world so that their hearts can begin mending. If they choose to talk or share, we are empathetic and compassionate listeners. Talking, however, isn’t necessary. This type of session is more experiential than verbal.
I encourage others to take a deep introspective look inside themselves. I ask them if there is anything in the past that they would like to make PEACE with.

I have a process, called “The Peaceful Way” that encourages them to pinpoint the most painful thought and we take it from there. “Peace in the Mourning” doesn’t dredge up the buried sorrows in the heart and leave them raw and exposed; rather it lifts the unexpressed, repressed emotions from the soul at a cellular level via the five senses. The lyrics of the songs apply love, empathy and kindness to the emotion. “The Healer’s Touch Method” combines Music & Aromatherapy in a deep relaxation so that the client can reach a state of inner peace.

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