Peace in the Mourning March Issue in the 2019: The Year of Joy Series

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Carol: Karyn, with each month’s article, we have been including a snippet of a song. Will this month’s snippet be the “Scents of Peace” you mentioned earlier?

Karyn : Yes and here it is !
Clip 2 Scents of Peace song snippet

Carol: You have truly discovered your gift!
Is there anything we haven’t covered here today re: “Peace in the Mourning” that you’d like to mention, Karyn?

Karyn: The world is in need of peacemakers and comforters more now than ever before! We can all become a part of the solution! We each have the power to choose to become a “Peacemaker” for our own hearts, in our own homes and in our very own families. We can choose to become a part of a great cause that is spiritual in nature, as it gives everyone the opportunity to discover the joy in being a prayerful mother, a nurturing sister, brother, a ministering daughter, a gentle friend and a loving wife, a loving husband. You are being reminded that you are indeed a “Nurturer by Nature.” These are just a few of your God-Given roles!

The bible says, “Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the Children of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

I believe it does not mean that we cower away from our belief systems or discard our values. I don’t believe that by submitting to the will of others simply to pacify them is peacemaking. Sometimes, in order to create peace, we must take a stand and find a platform that blesses, ministers, comforts those who are wounded in spirit and broken-hearted. We must set boundaries about behaviors that we will and will not accept in our nearest and dearest relationships.

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